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Town of Scituate
Phone: (401)647-5901
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Larry Desormier, Building/Zoning Official

Calista McDermott, Clerk

Comprehensive Plan Update


The Town of Scituate Building Office is now offering ONLINE PERMITTING through the State permit portal which can be found here:
Effective January 26, 2021 paper permits will no long be accepted. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Please go to Please click on "Town of Scituate". Next, click on "building department" and select the type of permit you need. 
NOTE: All building plans need to be dropped off at the Building Official's Office.

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 Normal Office Hours

Building, Zoning & Planning Office Hours
Monday - Friday    8:30 - 4:00  401-647-5901
Calista McDermott, Administrative Assistant  

Building & Zoning Official Hours
Monday -Friday   8:30-4:00

Inspections will be 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday w/ 24 Hour Notice -

 Office visits by appointment 
Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Larry Desormier, Building & Zoning Official

If the Building/Zoning Official is in the field, the office will contact him for all emergencies and questions. 

Building Permits:
The Town of Scituate enforces the Rhode Island State Building Code (SBC). In accordance with SBC, permits are required for all activities not classified as "ordinary repairs". Roofing and re-siding are not considered "ordinary repairs". Building permits for new construction generally take 2 weeks for processing. An approved O.W.T.S application and plan along with proof of ownership/status are required prior to start of permit process.

The town contains RR (Rural Residential), RS (Single-Family Residential), BL (Limited Business), BG (General Business), M (General Manufacturing), and W (Watershed) zones.There are 2 Village Overlay District Zones, in the Village of Hope, and the Village of North Scituate. Zoning Ordinances are available in the Town Clerk's Office at a cost of $15.00 for town residents and $20.00 for non-residents. Or click below:

Contact our offices during normal business hours for additional information.

Planning : The Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.
Zoning : The Zoning Board of Review meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.
Note: There will be no Zoning Board meeting in December.

The subdivision and land development regulations are available in the Town Clerk's Office at a cost of $15.00 for town residents and $20.00 for non-residents.

All applications, and fees are available at the Building Department located at Town Hall during regular office hours.